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Spector Pro
Net Nanny
WebWatcher Despite having a higher price tag than most of its competitors, WebWatcher makes it to the top of our list of 2017's best monitoring software, offering the best, most complete set of monitoring tools we found.

Aside from doing both website monitoring and blocking (it's rare for one product to do both), it also lets you keep tabs on the person you're monitoring 100% remotely.

In other words, once WebWatcher is installed onto the computer you want to monitor, you'll never need to visit that computer again to see what the person you're monitoring is up to.

So how well does WebWatcher actually work?

Very well. In our testing, installation on our test lab PCs went smoothly, after which WebWatcher did what we expected it to, monitoring, recording, and blocking as advertised--all without once revealing itself to the person being monitored.

We were pleased to see that because of the way WebWatcher runs (as a true hidden process), WebWatcher didn't show up anywhere in Windows Explorer, the registry, task manager, process list, or any other place(s) where savvy computer users might look.


Webwatcher Monitoring Software Features

  • Record All Websites Visited
  • Block Websites
  • Content Filtering
  • Log Keystrokes
  • Record Chats/IMs
  • Record Emails
  • Take Screenshots

WebWatcher Monitoring Software Performance

Here are the categories we tested WebWatcher Computer Monitoring Software in. Each category was given a score based on our tests.

Record Websites Visited: 95%

WebWatcher successfully recorded all websites we visited.

The online interface allowed us to easily sort and sift through the list of recorded sites and showed:
  • the simple website address ( /
  • the full website address (
  • the date and time of the website access
WebWatcher supports fully Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (and later) and Mozilla Firefox 2.0 (and later)

Block Websites: 97%

In WebWatcher, you can choose to either block known sites (pornographic sites, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, gambling sites, etc.), or you can block unknown sites by keyword.

From the time we added a website into our blocklist, it took as little as 30 seconds to about three minutes for the block to go into effect. Typically, it seemed to take around two minutes, which we'd consider pretty fast given that the person doing the blocking was in one location and the computers they were blocking were in other locations offsite.

Aside from adding your own list of sites and categories to block, WebWatcher also has its own impressive internal database of sites that it can proactively block on your behalf when you choose a site or category to block.

As with URLs we manually added it took a couple of minutes for URLs from the pre-defined blocklists to begin blocking once we'd queued them for activation.

Take Real-Time Screenshots

This feature allows you to see what site the user was on but also to get a picture of what they were doing online.

Did they download pics or programs? Did they purchase something?

All screenshots are taken automatically and can be played back like your own mini-movie.

Record Instant Messages

WebWatcher allows you to see both sides of any instant message (IM) conversion.

It supports all major IM clients, and for any that it doesn't, you can still view a series of screenshots to read any conversations in question.

Record Emails & Attachments

You can read any email sent or received, regardless of whether or not the person tries to delete them right after they send or receive them. You can also see any attachments they send or receive. Nice.

Filter Content

You can proactively block sites that have potentially dangerous or inappropriate content.

The beauty of content filtering is that you don't need to know the website address of every site you'd like to block. Instead you can setup categories of sites you don't want the person visiting, and WebWatcher will proactively block those sites.

Keystroke Logging (Online & Offline)

Keystoke logging captures passwords, login info, and any other typing that takes place either online or offline, for example in Word or any other applications.

Perhaps best of all though is the keystroke formatting feature which removes backspace and other characters to clean up the recorded keystrokes, making them far more readable than those we found in lesser competitors.

Technical Support

WebWatcher offers email, phone, or chat support services at no extra cost.

(They also offer a 'premier' support option called "VIP Support" that will ensure you always get to the front of the line.)

You can't get any better than that.

WebWatcher Review Conclusion

After reviewing its features and functionality, we feel WebWatcher is the best computer monitoring software this year.

We found it's recording capability to be extremely powerful, light-running, and invisible.

It can record and capture pretty much any information or image on the monitored computer and allows you to view all of this information remotely.

The online reports in your personal account are easy to understand, easy to sort, and as detailed or limited as you choose.

The strong combination of quality features does come at a bit of a price: it's the second most expensive monitoring product we've reviewed behind eBlaster / Spector Pro which are both slightly more expensive.

That said, even though the price is a bit higher than some of the competition, the power, long-term value, and customer service should make up for that.

WebWatcher System Requirements

  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Internet Explorer 6 or higher
$97.00 (Regular price: $169.95)

Save $72.95 on WebWatcher (Nearly 43% Off)
PROS $97.00
Record websites visited Block unwanted sites Take real-time screenshots Record IM/chat conversations Record Emails & Attachments Filter Content Log Keystrokes
More expensive than most No Mac version
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