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Spector Pro
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(Windows XP, Windows Vista)*

SpyAgent SpyAgent by SpyTech qualifies this year as one of the top contenders.

While its computer monitoring tools are better than many other spy software tools, it still has some work to do to bring the ease and polish that WebWatcher and Spector Pro in particular have.

As for features, it boasts a fairly complete list of the tools needed for it to rank among the best of the best monitoring software; however, the sum of the whole isn't quite as good as its features would lead us to believe.

That said, SpyAgent really is good software that will get the job done in nearly any computer monitoring situation.

It features a nifty keyword-activated keylogger, screenshots that are later available for viewing in a movie-like format, and very good stealth.

Unfortunately drawbacks like a dated interface and website blocking that lacks the simplicity of better competitors are drawbacks to some consumers.

Overall, it's a good monitoring software that lacks some of the refinement of more polished competitors like Spector, eBlaster, and WebWatcher.

Perhaps the biggest drawback though is that it's not easy to stop inappropriate behavior until you've reviewed the reports for that computer, an option many parents and employers enjoy with better computer / Internet monitoring software.

That said, if you're primarily using SpyAgent as a computer monitoring tool (as opposed to using it for things like website blocking), it offers a complete feature-set at a fairly compelling price.

SpyAgent Monitoring Software Features:

  • Keylogger Activates with Trigger Words
  • Records Email Activity and IM/Chat
  • Reports Can Be Sent via Email
  • Lockdown Function
  • Good Stealth Function
  • Lowest Price for the Features

  • Lackluster website blocking setup
  • Options are complex, complicated to setup
  • Interface feels like a throwback to 2005

SpyAgent Software Highlights:

Perhaps one of SpyAgent's niftiest tools is the keyword activated keylogger. Through their tool SmartLogger, users can select a list of keyword triggers that activate the program.

The keylogger also captures usernames and passwords that could be used to access inappropriate sites or content.

Records Email Activity and IM/Chat
Unlike many of their lesser designed competitors, SpyAgent captures all emails, and records all IM conversations.

Chat sessions are neatly recorded, with transcripts displayed in the system's default Web browser for later perusal.

Reports Via Email
While real-time remote viewing would still be better, SpyAgent does email reports of inappropriate use to a specified address.

However some users (us included) wouldn't approve of their potentially sensitive e-mail information going unsecured across the public Internet and being stored on various mail servers along the way to the inbox.

Lockdown Function
SpyAgent allows users to implement a lockdown time in order to restrict computer use.

This function could be very useful to parents who don't want their kids online at all or for employers whose employees shouldn't require online access.

Good Stealth Function
Though it isn't completely invisible to the more savvy computer user, SpyAgent's stealth function is quite good.

It would be more than adequate for the parents of most children and employers, though parents with extremely tech savvy kids or employers with tech savvy staff might want to go with something more sophisticated.

SpyAgent does have a lot going for it, but in many ways it still has work to do to catch up with our number one pick, WebWatcher.

First, it lacks real time alerts. This means that parents and employers won't know about inappropriate Internet use until after the fact, when the reports are scheduled to be emailed.

Many parents and employers find real time alerts to be an indispensable piece of their computor monitoring software.

And those reports themselves are sometimes complicated and hard to figure out.

Streamlining their reports would be very useful for those people who are too busy to decipher all those special icons.

[Editor's Note: We were originally misinformed about SpyAgent's support. After having received an email from their CEO, we want to officially clarify that SpyAgent offers unlimited support, which we're happy to say we were very pleased with.]

So for those who want top quality computer monitoring software combined with total stealth, concise reports and real-time alerts, we still suggest WebWatcher.

But for most parents (especially those without the need for complex website blocking), SpyAgent is a good choice.

*System Requirements:
  • Windows NT4, 2000, XP, or Vista
  • Pentium Class PC (133mhz or higher)
  • 3MB Hard disk space
  • Email and Traffic Data Logging not supported for Dialup users
$69.95   (Regular price: $89.95)

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PROS  $69.95
Keyword-Activated Keylogger Records Email and IM/Chat Reports Can Be Emailed Website Blocking Website Monitoring Lockdown Function Decent Stealth
Website blocking could be easier Options setup can seem complex Interface seems dated
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