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Spector Pro
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Spector Pro

(Windows XP, Windows Vista)*

Spector Pro Spector Pro 2017 comes in third in this year's list of computer monitoring software. All of its computer monitoring features are strong and effective, and it can monitor everything from the websites visited, to chats, to emails, to keystrokes and more.

But what we didn't like about Spector Pro is that it doesn't attempt to filter out inappropriate content; it only monitors, then blocks selected sites.

According to Spector Pro, they don't filter web content because they believe that filtering isn't as effective as monitoring, recording, and blocking inappropriate sites after the fact.

There might be some good logic there, but we think that many parents and employers want to be more proactive than that when it comes to online safety.


Spector Pro Monitoring Software Features:

  • Monitors Online Searches
  • View Visited Websites
  • Screenshot Capture
  • See Chat/IM Activity
  • Keystroke Capture
  • MySpace + Facebook Monitor
  • View All Email Activity
  • See Program Activity
  • No remote viewing of reports. You can only view them from the computer you're monitoring.
  • No content filtering. Only monitors and blocks websites you list.

Spector Pro Software Highlights:

Monitors online searches.
Spector Pro records every keyword or keyphrase used to search the internet. This is especially helpful when you want to see what subjects are being viewed on your target computer.

Record websites visited.
You can see every website visited on your computer. This will allow you to block any inappropriate websites, including pornography, gambling, or drug and alcohol related sites.

Screenshot capture.
Spector Pro takes a lot of screenshots so you can see everything that happens on your PC.

You can even play them back in a movie-like format, which is helpful when you need to see the nature of the sites visited.

Chat/IM Activity.
You can record and view both sides of the conversation. You can also block specific users from further chat (like potential online predators or bullies).

Keystroke Capture.
This keylogger records every keystroke - online or offline. This is helpful when you want to know the secret usernames and passwords being used to access inappropriate sites.

MySpace & Facebook Monitor.
This feature gives you full monitoring access to two of the top social networking sites on the web. You can monitor every function in either MySpace or Facebook.

Email Activity.
Record a copy of every email sent or received - even web-based emails.

Program Activity.
Spector Pro can record what programs are being used. This lets you see if your child or employee is playing games or using other programs when they should be working.

Stealth Mode.
Spector Pro is invisible when in stealth mode, and this feature cannot be turned off or detected.

Spector Pro has a lot going for it. It can monitor virtually everything that happens on your PC, and reports the information in an easy to understand manner.

We think that Spector Pro can be especially useful for both parents and employers. Each will find it a very functional and useful application.

The only thing we don't like is the approach to filtering content before it gets to your PC: they don't.

Spector Pro is designed to block websites only after you decide that they're not appropriate. There is a certain logic to this: Spector thinks that monitoring, then blocking sites is more effective.

We suppose it depends on your perspective, but we would've liked to see some level of real-time content filtering.

That being said, it's still a wonder why Spector Pro doesn't have the ability to email its reports.

One reason they don't do this is that Spector doesn't maintain a live database to collect and store reports like WebWatcher (which is what allows WebWatcher to give you detailed reports remotely, anywhere in the world).

So, if viewing Spector Pro's reports remotely is important for you, you'll either have to purchase eBlaster, or consider another product like WebWatcher.

*System Requirements

  • Any edition of Windows Vista (Including 64-bit)
  • Any edition of Windows XP
$99.95 (Regular price: $169.95)

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PROS  $99.95
Monitors online searches See visited websites Screenshot capture Keystroke capture See web sites visited See email activity Website blocking
Doesn't email reports Doesn't filter content
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