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Net Nanny

(Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista)*

Net Nanny 2008 While Net Nanny was designed specifically with parents in mind, this software is also useful for almost any situation where you would want to monitor a computer.

We think that Net Nanny is very good for filtering internet use, but it also offers good quality parental controls such as time scheduling, IM logging, site blocking, and more.

Back in 1994 Net Nanny was the first consumer internet filtering software on the market, so they've had lots of time to get things right.

Purchased by ContentWatch in 2007 (another good computer monitoring software company), Net Nanny has retained all of its original power, along with ContentWatch's expertise.


Net Nanny Monitoring Software Features:

  • Blocks Any Unwanted Sites
  • Remote Management and Reporting
  • Record Instant Messages
  • Schedule Internet Access Times
  • Stop or Monitor Chat/IM
  • Stop Illegal File Sharing
  • No Email Monitoring
  • No Offline Application Monitoring

Net Nanny Software Highlights:

Set different levels of internet filtering for each user.
You can do this either at the Windows user level or at the Net Nanny user level. This way your preschooler can have different online restrictions than you or your teenager.

Integrates well with most search engines.
This makes it easier for you to block inappropriate searches (including textual or images).

If your child attempts to turn off this safety feature, Net Nanny will automatically turn it back on in real-time.

Blocks entire sites or individual pages.
This is useful when you only want to block certain pages of a site, but not the entire site.

Can run in stealth-like mode.
Net Nanny is able to avoid obvious detection (but it's not completely invisible – see WebWatcher for complete invisibility).

Can filter internet content below the browser level.
Most computor monitoring software only blocks certain browsers (IE, Firefox, etc), but Net Nanny can filter or block below the browser level to restrict the use of any browser – known or unknown.

This is useful if your child tries to get around this safety feature by installing a lesser-known browser. Net Nanny just won't allow it.

Can cut off chat or IM clients at the protocol level.
This way Trillian or other 3rd party clients are still controllable.

Blocks several categories by default right out of the box.
These include pornography, gambling, and sites related to drugs and alcohol. You can then open up 30 more categories to block, including games, religious affiliations, sports, etc.

Internet time and game scheduling.
Net Nanny regulates time spent on the Internet and blocks even obscure video game sites.

Remote control is available.
You can log in and control all settings on your home computer from anywhere (for example, when you're at the office or traveling). Even when you're away from home, you can set Net Nanny to send you emails of attempted site access, chats, games, etc.

Online reports
These allow you to see any page or site visited or requested. You can also see all IM conversations with usernames attached.

While Net Nanny is an excellent product, we do see a few areas of concern.

For one, there is no keylogging feature. A keylogger allows you to see everything the user types. This is especially useful if you want to capture usernames and passwords used to access inappropriate sites.

However, because Net Nanny is trying not to seem like it's "spying" on the computer, there is no keylogger.

The other important feature it's missing is an email monitor. Net Nanny can capture IM and chats, but why not emails? Hopefully they'll include this in their next version.

Overall, Net Nanny comes in second behind WebWatcher due to the superior monitoring and parental control features of the latter program.

If you're looking for something that captures everything that ever happens on your computer, in a 100% invisible stealth-mode, try WebWatcher instead.

But if you want an easy-to-use, powerful parental control software that can help to create trust and responsibility between parent and child, Net Nanny is still a good choice.

*System Requirements

Windows Vista/XP/2000 Only
  • PC or compatible with 133 MHz or faster processor
  • 128 MB RAM minimum, 256 MB recommended
  • 100 MB of hard-disk space
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Color monitor with 800x600 resolution
  • Internet connection


PROS  $39.99
Blocks unwanted sites Remote management Record Instant Messages Set Internet time limits Stop or monitor chat/IM Stop illegal file sharing Block/monitor searches
No email monitoring No offline application monitoring
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