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Spector Pro
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(Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista)*

eBlaster eBlaster comes in right behind Spector Pro this year for a reason: they're virtually the same product, but with a few major exceptions.

eBlaster is just as powerful when it comes to full-scale computer monitoring, and equally easy to use and install.

You can block unwanted sites, monitor all sent and received emails/chats, capture keystrokes, and much more.

One major area where eBaster departs from Spector Pro is in the reporting. eBlaster can email reports to you anytime the target PC is being used improperly. With Spector Pro, you need to revisit the PC to read the detailed reports.

The other major drawback for eBlaster is there are no screenshots taken. With Spector Pro or WebWatcher, you can easily view a kind of "movie" of screenshots to see exactly what's being viewed on the PC.


eBlaster Monitoring Software Features:

  • Emails reports to you
  • Monitor all sent and received emails
  • See both sides of chats & IM
  • Log all keystrokes
  • Monitor all files up/downloaded
  • See web sites visited
  • View online searches
  • Monitor MySpace activity
  • See program usage
  • Can be run in stealth mode
  • Doesn't filter live content. eBlaster only blocks sites.
  • No screenshots
  • Only has html reports emailed to you in a static form – no searchability
  • Doesn't block internet access on a schedule
  • No backups or archive recordings

eBlaster Software Highlights

Emails reports to you
Unlike its brother Spector Pro, eBlaster can email you instant reports directly to your inbox anytime something inappropriate happens. Or, you can set daily or weekly scheduled reports to be emailed to you.

Monitor all emails
See every email that is sent or received. This is helpful to see if your child is communicating with possible predators or bullies. Also good to see if employees are sending personal or inappropriate emails.

See both sides of chats & IM
Again, good for protecting kids from online predators or bullies as well as keeping employees focused on business and not idle chat.

Log all keystrokes
This feature allows you to see every login, password, or text that's been typed. If your child or employee is blocking you out of a password protected site, this is especially useful to get past that barrier.

Monitor all files up/downloaded
See any inappropriate files that may be downloaded or uploaded to inappropriate sites: like adult pictures or company secrets.

See web sites visited
eBlaster shows you which sites are viewed on the PC in question. This is important so you can block unwanted sites, like pornography, gambling, or gaming.

View online searches
View every keyword searched online. This gives you an idea as to what users are searching for online. It also helps to block porn, drug and alcohol sites, and more.

Monitor MySpace activity
Monitor one of the biggest social networking sites online today. Many dangerous or inappropriate things can happen in the MySpace environment, so it's good to be aware of everything that goes on there.

See program usage
Lets you see if games or other inappropriate programs are being used when they're not supposed to be.

On the plus side, eBlaster is a robust, and powerful PC monitoring software application. In many ways it can stand head-to-head with the big boys like WebWatcher or Net Nanny.

It's easy to install, easy to use, and easy to monitor.

We love all of these features, and would love to rank eBlaster higher in our list, but because there are:
  1. no automatic screenshots
  2. no content filtering
  3. no way to set time limits for internet use
we have to nudge eBlaster down the line a bit.

The most confusing thing for a customer may be deciding which product to buy - Spector Pro or eBlaster?

Since they're both produced by the same manufacturer (SpectorSoft), and do virtually the same thing, our reviewers scratch our head over this very question each time.

Why doesn't Spector Soft combine the best of both products into one application?

WebWatcher and Net Nanny both do this well within a single framework, so why doesn't Spector Soft get on-board with this model?

So while eBlaster is still a solid product, buyers need to determine what their ultimate goal for computer monitoring is and how each software will help to achieve it.

*System Requirements

Requirements for Computer being Monitored:
  • Any version of Windows Vista
  • Windows XP Home Edition or Professional
  • Windows 2000
Requirements for receiving eBlaster emailed Activity Reports:
  • Any computer or device with Internet access that can access your email inbox.


PROS  $99.95
Emails reports to you Monitor all emails See both sides of chats & IM Log all keystrokes See web sites visited Block websites View online searches
Doesn't filter live content No screenshots Static html reports No scheduling
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