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(Windows XP, Windows Vista)*

CyberPatrol We're pleased to report the latest offering from CyberPatrol shows considerable improvements over last year's version.

Having passed up several other products to make the final cut of software, CyberPatrol is in heady territory to be among the top five this year.

CyberPatrol 7 is easy to install, and features good quality, standard PC monitoring tools for parents who want to solid parental control software, including keylogging, website filtering, time limits, and IM/chat blocking and filtering.

For employers who want to monitor their employees there may be more robust solutions via WebWatcher or Spector Pro, but it does provide an easy out-of-the-box solution that many people will find refreshing.

It does leave out some of the more sophisticated monitoring tools like screenshots, email monitoring and remote viewing so its features aren't as complete as its top competitors, but overall it's a decent product for parents and even businesses looking for an easy solution.


CyberPatrol Monitoring Software Features:

  • Block Unwanted Sites
  • Create "Yes List" for More Restricted Access
  • Time Limits
  • Basic IM/chat Filter
  • Good Reporting Tools
  • Outbound IM/chat filters are easy to get around
  • No Email Monitoring
  • Not Truly Invisible
  • No Screenshots

CyberPatrol Software Highlights:

Block Unwanted Sites
Perhaps CyberPatrol's strongest feature is its layered approach to website and content blocking.

Their regularly updated list of blacklisted sites is quite sophisticated, and URL patterns are managed and compared to that list in order to block potentially inappropriate materials.

CyberPatrol does a good job here, even going so far as to evaluate the target locations of links on the pages in question in order to detect pages that could otherwise slip through the filter.

Website Whitelisting
For even more restricted access CyberPatrol allows parents to create a "yes list" (typically called a "whitelist") of appropriate websites.

This limits Internet use to sites in the list of allowed domains or to those whose URLs feature approved terms.

Time Limits
For each individual users profile, CyberPatrol allows parents to define set time restrictions for Internet access, gaming, and any programs you choose.

These can be based on specific times of day, or based on a daily or weekly time limit.

A password-protected override for adults makes it easy to temporarily lift these restrictions when needed.

Basic IM/Chat Filter
Here's where CyberPatrol could work a little harder. While basic IM filters are in place, it isn't difficult to trick their outbound filtering by using the kind of creative spelling or null characters that most kids use today.

(The word "sex" or "sexual" might be blocked, but what about "secks" or "secksual". Absurd spellings, to be sure, but that shows the difficulty of using this word-by-word technique.)

Activity Reporting Tools
CyberPatrol offers reports that are generated daily, and you can choose to see all web activities, or only those that were blocked.

Unfortunately, no access to screenshots means that parents only see the URLs of websites in question not the sites themselves.

While CyberPatrol has improved some of its computor monitoring functions for children, it still doesn't feature some of the high quality tools of Net Nanny, or our number one choice, WebWatcher.

Most telling of all is the lack of email monitoring. This seems like a no-brainer and it's a mystery why parents would want to filter IM/chat messages, but not be allowed the same tools for email.

And those IM filters aren't the best either. Combined with only a basic stealth mode, and a lack of screenshots, CyberPatrol still has some work to do to catch up with the better computor monitoring systems available today.

*System Requirements
  • Windows XP, Vista, and 2000
  • Internet Explorer 5.01 SP3 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and above

PROS  $39.95
Block Unwanted Sites Website Whitelisting Time Limits Basic IM/chat Filter Good Reporting Tools
Outbound IM/Chat Filter Flaws No Email Monitoring Not Truly Invisible No Screenshots
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