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What to Consider when Choosing
Computer Monitoring Software

Understanding what you need, and knowing what features are available--and which ones you need--makes all the difference in choosing the right software.

When choosing computer monitoring software, it's important to understand both what you need and what you will need in the long term.

We've separated this guide into three sections: For Parents, For Businesses, and for Spouses to help you choose the right software depending on where you'll use it.

Top Considerations for Monitoring Software

  • Effective Monitoring
  • Remote Data Access
  • Stealth
  • Keylogger
  • Website Monitoring
  • Website Blocking
  • Data Filtering
  • Screenshots

I. For Parents

For example, are you concerned about keeping your kids safe online?

If so, how old are they, and how long will you need to monitor and control their Internet use?

Are you mainly concerned about what websites they visit? Who they're chatting with online? Perhaps something else?

II. For Businesses

Or, are you an employer who wants to use Internet monitoring to maintain workplace integrity? Will your company be growing and adding more employees?

Are you primarily concerned about lost productivity, abuse of company resources, or something else?

III. For Spouses

(And Others Concerned about a Straying Loved One)
Or, are you a concerned partner or spouse who wants to make sure that their significant other isn't using the Internet for dishonest reasons, infidelity or otherwise.

What are Your Concerns?

Depending on which scenario describes yours best, you'd want to select computer monitoring software that satisfies your specific needs and will evolve to reflect how those needs could evolve in the near future.

Here are some of the most important things to look for in choosing the best computer monitoring software:

Effective Monitoring

Make sure that the program you select includes an invisible keylogger, records emails and instant messages, takes screenshots, and offers visual images of the websites visited (not just URLs).

Otherwise, your computer monitoring reports won't offer enough information. For example, you don't just want to see the URLs of the webpages in question, you want to see them yourself.

Remote Data Access

This feature is often overlooked, and is an absolute MUST for those who want their computer monitoring to be done discreetly. Remote data access means that buyers can access their results without having to return to the PC in question.

If you need to go back to that computer to see what was recorded, you risk getting "caught."

The best programs show you what's going on with the PC you're monitoring from anywhere, in real time.


Unless you have very small children, most people want their computer monitoring software to be invisible, so absolute stealth is another must have.

Beware of programs that claim to be invisible, but really turn up somewhere that a savvy computer user would discover.

True stealth means the program is invisible, no matter what.

And for parents of young kids it might be good to ask yourself - how long will it be before I do need a truly stealthy program?

If it won't be long before your kid knows how to disable or get around the program, it's always best to err on the side of caution and choose a program that could go into a stealth mode if you need it.

Key Logger

There are two types of keyloggers - the hardware version and the software version. Software versions are usually best because they're not going to be spotted sticking out of your computer.

A good keylogger will record everything typed on the computer you're monitoring. This lets you see usernames and passwords used to access websites, and can even show you what kind of offline documents are being typed in programs like Word.

This can be important to employers who want to ensure that company secrets aren't being shared.

Website Monitoring

One of the most common things individuals, parents, and companies look for in computer monitoring software is the ability to monitor website activity.

Clearly, an important component of any computer monitoring software is Internet monitoring; however, it's only part of the picture.

What happens when someone visits a web site they're not supposed to?

Does the software record how long they stayed there? (Perhaps the visit was just in a popup from another site, and they immediately closed the Window?)

Does the software tell you how many times the site was visited and how many pages were seen?

And, perhaps most importantly, does the software give you the option to easily block the site from being revisited again later?

Website Blocking

Blocking websites is important to parents and employers alike. Consider software that goes beyond the simple "block lists" of known sites.

Such lists are out of date very quickly, and parents and employers just don't have the time or energy to keep track of what sites should and shouldn't be allowed.

The best computer monitoring software programs looks for inappropriate searches, feature keyword triggers, and can block new sites just based on the content of the web page.

Data Filtering

You don't want to spend eons searching through page after page of information, looking for the one piece of important information you need. And you don't want to find it looking like gibberish either.

This is why we suggest programs that record based on keyword triggers, have a data filter, and some kind of "alert" system that causes it to record data that you tell it to be on the watch for.


The best computer monitoring software programs take pictures, screenshots, of the screen at pre-set intervals or when certain things are typed or appear on the screen.

This is another place quality makes a big difference. With a poor quality screenshot tool, it's easy to get overwhelmed slogging through page after page of unnecessary information.

This is why we suggest programs that trigger screenshots based on alert words or keyword searches. Those left on a standard timer can leave you feeling buried by the resulting information.

Computer Monitoring Software Conclusions

Quality matters.

It makes a significant difference in:
  1. accuracy of the data being recorded
  2. stealth / invisibility (i.e. will the software be detected?)
  3. ease in extracting the information or activities you're looking for on the computer you're monitoring
Consider this: the best computer monitoring software makes the difference between data or raw information and intelligence.

Intelligence means having the information you need accurately recorded, properly categorized, and distilled for you.

Raw information on the other hand though is just that: raw.

It can mean mounds and mounds of data for you to sift through. Even if you've got a lot of time on your hands, why would you want to sift when just by choosing the right computer monitoring software, you can make things easier and get the same information faster.

As always, we welcome your questions and encourage you to contact us.

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