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Choosing Keylogger Software

What to Look for in the Best Software Keyloggers

Make no mistake, a software keylogger is a critical feature of a computer monitoring program.

Key loggers allow parents, business owners and managers, spouses, and other concerned individuals to record keystrokes as they're typed on a keyboard of a monitored computer.

A few of the many (both good and bad) uses for keyloggers:

  • record what's typed in IMs/chats
  • record documents typed and printed/emailed but never saved
  • record documents typed and deleted
  • record emails typed and deleted
  • record things typed into web pages
  • steal passwords
  • record everything typed / all keys pressed
  • Good key logger software does so invisibly, so that the person using the PC in question is not aware that something is recording the keystrokes they're typing.

    A keylogger can also be purchased as an add-on hardware device and is plugged into the computer where the keyboard is connected.

    These versions are generally reliable and affordable but don't offer the same benefits of stealth because it's extremely easy to see if something has been plugged into the computer between the keyboard and PC.

    Additionally, hardware keyloggers offer no ability to remotely retrieve what's been typed; you must continually return to the computer you're monitoring.

    While hardware and software keyloggers both record the keys being used, there are definitely clear benefits to software keyloggers.

    While hardware keyloggers are easy to use, cheap, and (usually) reliable, they're hampered by visibility and limited functionality.

    The best computer monitoring software programs that feature built-in keylogger software also include key features like:
    • screenshots
    • website recording
    • website blocking
    • chat / IM monitors
    Hardware keyloggers are also very easy (trivial in fact) to detect since they physically attach between a keyboard and computer.

    Software keyloggers in contrast offer stealth and reliability (alongside with the benefits of computer monitoring software), though quality is of major importance.

    Poor quality software keyloggers can crash, can be easy to detect, or can provide information that's hard to interpret.

    That's where understanding the difference between various software can be of crucial importance.

    To help you compare software keyloggers and the most important features of each program, we've created the following chart.

    Head-to-Head Software Keylogger Comparison by Feature


    Web Watcher

    Spector Pro


    Spy Agent

    IAm BigBrother
    Stealth Keylogger 1 2
    Captures Usernames & Passwords
    Can Search Key Logs?
    Remote Monitoring 3 4 5
    Records Program(s) Used
    Easily Separates Logs from Each Program
    Records Keystrokes Online & Offline
    Records Date / Time of Key Logs
    Logs Keystrokes of Unsaved Documents
    Raw vs. Readable Keystrokes6
    1 Showed superior ability to remain invisible and go undetected.
    2 While possibly undetectable, our testers had no problem locating the program.
    3 Only when on same network.
    4 Via email only.
    5 Requires upgrade to SpyAnywhere.
    6 Shows special keys like backspace/delete, arrow keys, etc.
    1 WebWatcher
    2 SpyAgent
    3 Spector Pro
    4 eBlaster
    5 IAmBigBrother
    Note: The following products do not have keylogger software components.
    NA CyberPatrol
    NA Net Nanny
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