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WebWatcher Computer Monitoring Software
  (Regular price: $169.95 )
WebWatcher's stealth keylogger recorded everything accurately, including the date, time, and program being used.

It worked reliably, and it even has the ability to quickly search all keystroke logs for words of particular concern.

Make no mistake though, neither all keyloggers nor all keylogger software are created equal.

Not all computer monitoring software we tested even has a keylogger function, and of those that do, not all work as well as WebWatcher's stealth keylogger.

Sure, the most basic function of a keylogger is easily described: record, in order, every key typed on a keyboard.

The reality is though that keylogger software, like all programs, varies from one program to the next and that can significantly effect the quality, reliability, and usability of the data recorded by the keylogging application.

It's worth saying that WebWatcher was one of just three invisible keyloggers we weren't able to trick or otherwise obfuscate the recorded data in our tests (at least some times) with Spector Pro and eBlaster being the other two to perform exactly as expected.

This means regardless of whether you need to monitor employees who should be working, keep an eye on their kids when they surf the net, or catch a cheating spouse, WebWatcher's keylogger can take on any of these tasks.

Aside from excellent reliability, WebWatcher also tracks what programs the keystrokes are being typed into.

This means if someone is using multiple programs at the same time, as most of us do these days, and is switching back and forth between a web browser, instant message client, email, and Microsoft Word document, it records what programs the keystrokes were made in and logs the data separately, so you'll be able to make sense of everything even long after the fact.

With this feature, keeping tabs even on a "power user" who does many things at once on his or her PC is easy; without it, good luck.

Functionally, you'll see everything that's typed on the computer you're monitoring:
  • emails and attachments
  • instant messages/chat sessions
  • search history
  • usernames and passwords
...quite literally everything they type.

WebWatcher's keylogger does all of the above and does so invisibly. WebWatcher also features some nifty keyword triggers, so you can record only the information you need and save time, instead of slogging through pages of useless data.

Far from being just keylogger software though, WebWatcher (as you'd expect from the best monitoring software) does a lot more, including website monitoring, website blocking, automatic screen capture, and program time limit enforcement to name a few.

And all the data WebWatcher records is accessible from any computer in the world. Now that's convenient.

$97.00  (Regular price: $169.95 )
Save $20.00 on WebWatcher (Nearly 22% Off)

1 WebWatcher
2 SpyAgent
3 Spector Pro
4 eBlaster
5 IAmBigBrother
Note: The following products do not have keylogger software components.
NA CyberPatrol
NA Net Nanny

SpyAgent Computer Monitoring Software
  (Regular price: $89.95 )
SpyTech's SpyAgent rounds out its computer monitoring software with a very good keylogger.

No matter if you're an employer who wants to keep monitor employee Internet use or a parent who wants the best parental control software for keeping an eye on your kids online, key logging software is an integral part of each of those jobs.

Ideally a stealth keylogger should be able to record everything typed on the PC being monitored. SpyAgent records keystrokes as expected.

SpyAgent had no difficulty keeping up with recording keystrokes, even when typing was done by a very fast typist.

The place where we found things a bit lacking was in the reporting of what had been recorded.

Compared to the key log reporting in Spector and WebWatcher in particular, SpyAgent's isn't as easy to extract data from, which can mean more digging when it comes time to find the data you need.

Additionally, while SpyAgent does bring a complete suite of features that's the closest thing out there to Spector and WebWatcher, the features don't quite add up as nicely as they do in these competitors.

That said, SpyAgent is a very good computer monitoring program--especially for monitoring one or two computers--and with a lower sticker price than any competitors with similar features, it offers good value for what it offers.

$69.95  (Regular price: $89.95)
Save $20.00 on SpyAgent (Nearly 22% Off)

Spector Pro Computer Monitoring Software
  (Regular price: $169.95 )
People looking to purchase a top-quality keylogger will find exactly that (and quite bit more) in Spector Pro.

We found the Spector Pro keylogger software accurately records everything typed on the PC being monitored, and it did so while being totally invisible.

Like WebWatcher, we found that not only did Spector Pro run invisibly (including nothing visibly showing up in the Task Manager, Add/Remove Programs, or anywhere else for that matter), it did so without noticeably slowing down the monitored computers.

Spector Pro's keylogger (like WebWatcher's) records the date and time and the application being used along with what keystrokes are typed.

This is where most competing programs fall short and Spector Pro delivers. Making sense of what a key logging program records without knowing what program the keystrokes were typed into can be impossible, particularly so if someone is shifting back-and-forth between applications like an Microsoft Word document and a chat program.

We found that despite our efforts to throw it off, Spector Pro accurately recorded what we typed and also the program we typed things into.

Both as a keylogger and also as general computer and Internet monitoring software, Spector Pro takes second place, so that's high praise.

That said while Spector Pro does have one of the finest software keyloggers available, it does have shortcomings.

All-in-all it's a truly excellent computer monitoring program; however, for parents and employers who are looking for a program that features comprehensive computer and Internet blocking and filtering options, Spector Pro might not offer everything they need.

This is because, although it's a powerful computer monitoring software program, Spector Pro doesn't offer any proactive filtering.

Parents, employers, or anyone else operating the Spector Pro monitoring software would need to monitor computer use first, and then block websites and data after it has been accessed.

This is an extra step that some people might not mind taking, but for those who want something that will prevent access to inappropriate materials from the start, we recommend WebWatcher, CyberPatrol, or Net Nanny.

That said, neither CyberPatrol nor Net Nanny have keylogging functionality.

However, for those who need an invisible keylogger, automatic screen capture, and other powerful monitoring tools, Spector Pro is an excellent choice.

$99.95  (Regular price: $169.95)
Save $70.00 on Spector Pro (Nearly 41% Off)

eBlaster Computer Monitoring Software
  (Regular price: $169.95 )
While eBlaster's keylogger is fundamentally very similar to the excellent key logging software in Spector Soft's other product, Spector Pro, eBlaster's reports are sent via email rather than stored on the PC being monitored.

eBlaster's keylogger recorded everything typed, missed nothing, and got the job done without bogging the system down.

Where we feel like eBlaster may not be (at least to some people) as useful as other tools like Spector Pro or WebWatcher is in area of reporting.

Since reports are delivered to your inbox, with eBlaster it's particularly important to be aware and on top of what's happening in your email inbox.

For starters, unless you setup a separate email account for receiving your eBlaster reports (including those that record keystrokes), your reports can get lost amidst a stream of other urgent emails.

Some of the emails contain nothing of concern. Some emails though contain exactly what you installed eBlaster to catch in the first place.

Perhaps it's an employee emailing plans to steal from the company; perhaps it's you son or daughter getting involved with illicit drugs or an Internet predator; or, perhaps it's your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, making plans to meet someone else.

Whatever the case, over time you'll find yourself wanting to save some of the report emails, which can create two further problems:
  1. separating those reports that contain important items from ones which don't
  2. tracking things over time when things take more than a few days means you'll need to be good at managing your inbox
Now that we've talked about the downsides of eBlaster and its keylogger software component, here are some of the pros:

Since the reports are delivered via email, eBlaster can bring immediacy to helping you solve the problems you're monitoring.

eBlaster can be tuned to provide timely, detailed reports--including those from the keylogger function--of what the person you're monitoring is doing on their computer and online.

And, as long as you're consistent in checking your email and reading the eBlaster emails, you'll most likely think the reports are timely and useful.

(Just be careful not to let your email build up, or you might be inclined to skip or breeze through some of the emails.)

Regardless of that though, eBlaster provides excellent functionality as a keylogger and also as all-purpose Internet and computer monitoring software.

$99.95  (Regular price: $169.95)
Save $70.00 on eBlaster (Nearly 41% Off)

IAmBigBrother Parental Controls
IAmBigBrother is among the most affordable computer monitoring programs available today. It's directed mostly at parents, though other users, including business users and concerned individuals, will find the keylogger function useful.

However, since the information gathered in IAmBigBrother's keylogger isn't organized as well as it is in competing software, you'll likely find yourself digging through a lot of extraneous information, looking for a needle in a haystack.

The first part is to log key strokes, that IAmBigBrother does well; the second part is to give you a mechanism to view what's recorded.

This is where IAmBigBrother drops the ball. With no search function, you'll find all the keystrokes logged in one location, so expect to wade through quite a bit of information when you're reviewing the keystroke logs.

In other words, while it does record what program was in use when the keystrokes were logged, that's about all you get.

IAmBigBrother also offers little in the way of content filtering.

So while you might be able to find out what's happening on the PC being monitored, parents and employers who want to block websites to stop such behaviors will be unable to do so.

Since most computer monitoring programs available today offer more sophisticated means of organizing keylogger data, and include more assertive content filtering as part of their computer monitoring suite, IAmBigBrother comes in last on our list this of software keyloggers this year.


about the following products...
Regrettably, the following programs do not include a software keylogger.
We have included the products in this section for the purpose of completeness.
CyberPatrol (Unranked)

CyberPatrol Computer Monitoring Software
CyberPatrol's computer monitoring software offers some nice features for those who are interested in basic computer and Internet monitoring but don't need the most up-to-date or comprehensive software available.

Although it's not the most sophisticated computer monitoring program available today, it does offer some nifty tools, including very good website blocking, Instant Messaging recording, and computer usage limiting .

Unfortunately CyberPatrol doesn't offer integrated keylogger software nor does if offer remote monitoring, email monitoring, or real-time screenshots.

That's not to say it doesn't have a place. It does.

It's probably best used by parents of somewhat younger kids whose online behaviors are easier to monitor.

So while we like CyberPatrol for offering very affordable computer monitoring software (with strong website blocking) to parents who need it, for more sophisticated users, or for those whose computer monitoring needs require a more robust program, we still suggest Spector Pro, eBlaster, or WebWatcher.


Net Nanny (Unranked)

Net Nanny Parental Controls
Most of today's computer monitoring software programs feature a top-quality invisible keylogger to record the keystrokes that happen on the computer in question.

While Net Nanny has built its name and reputation primarily as a parental control program, it's also useful in other instances where more generalized computer monitoring and/or Internet monitoring are needed.

Whether it's preventing online predators from approaching their kids, monitoring employees to prevent inappropriate behavior, or catching a cheating spouse on a dating site, users rely on the keylogger to find the information they need.

Which is why it comes as quite surprise that NetNanny doesn't have one.

NetNanny is most useful as a parental control software program, but without a keylogger it really provides the kind of computer monitoring appropriate for smaller kids, or for parents who don't feel comfortable seeing who their child is talking to online.

But we feel that the keylogger is an important piece of computer monitoring technology that many parents and employers can't do without.

To simplify things, a good quality keylogger records every key typed on the computer, including usernames and passwords, and it's totally invisible while doing so.

In today's online community, employers have to worry whether or not employees are using business time to search for other jobs, send inappropriate materials, or steal sensitive data. Parents have many worries, cyber bullies and online predators to name a couple.

And concerned men and women know that the Internet is full of temptations for a wayward husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.

So while we think that NetNanny has a lot of things going for it, the lack of any keylogger at all is one glaring omission we hope they plan to remedy next year.


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