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WebWatcher Computer Monitoring Software
  (Regular price: $169.95 )
This year's top pick for best employee monitoring software is WebWatcher.

WebWatcher proved consistently to us that it has the chops to effectively help monitor employee computer and Internet use, block websites, minimize corporate risk, and keep employees on task.

We put it through the paces, evaluating it for things like: website monitoring, chat/instant messaging recording, email recording, keystroke logging, and screen capturing.

In each area, our reviewers felt WebWatcher did what was expected: record what they'd done on the computer, online or offline.

WebWatcher also features sophisticated website blocking and computer filtering options for employers who want to minimize Internet abuse on the job.

We found the website blocking component, one of the most requested by employers, to be particularly useful, with the ability to do either "whitelisting" or "blacklisting".

With whitelisting, you block all sites except ones you specifically allow; with blacklisting, you allow all sites except ones you specifically block. This flexibility gives employers real control of there their employees are going online.

Furthermore, as far as website blocking goes, WebWatcher has huge lists of pre-defined categories of sites employers can use to block websites. Entire swaths of sites including, porn, gambling, sports, resume, and dating sites, for instance, can be blocked in WebWatcher with just a few clicks.

And the most important, WebWatcher's computer monitoring software offers monitoring that can be done remotely and invisibly. If you choose, employees will never know that their computer activity is being recorded by WebWatcher.

So, for employers interested in top-quality employee monitoring software, we can suggest WebWatcher with the utmost of confidence.

$97.00  (Regular price: $169.95 )
Save $20.00 on WebWatcher (Nearly 22% Off)

1 WebWatcher
2 SpyAgent
3 Spector Pro
4 eBlaster
5 CyberPatrol
6 IAmBigBrother
7 Net Nanny

SpyAgent Computer Monitoring Software
  (Regular price: $89.95 )
We were very pleased to see that SpyAgent's newest computer monitoring program has made some excellent improvements over the older versions.

These include greater stealth, detailed reporting, and good website monitoring, all of which will come in very hand for employers who want to minimize inappropriate online behavior in the workplace.

We particularly like that SpyAgent offers an invisible keylogger, even if it's not as flexible as the keyloggers in WebWatcher or Spector Pro.

Keylogging software allows business owners and managers to record all keystrokes that happen on the PC being monitored.

Employers who fear the theft of sensitive company materials can rely on a keylogger to capture everything that's typed, online and offline, even if that information is later deleted to hide malicious intent.

We also approve of SpyAgent's real-time screenshots, allowing you to actually see the pages visited by the user. This makes it much easier to judge online behaviors, and to uncover inappropriate behavior quickly and efficiently.

However, we have to say that we wish that remote monitoring came standard with SpyAgent.

Their parent company Spytech does offer a secondary program called "SpyAnywhere" that makes remote monitoring possible, though. Given how important we feel remote monitoring is in terms of employee monitoring, if you're considering SpyAgent, you may want to thing about SpyAnywhere, too.

However for those who want to purchase a program that includes remote monitoring already, take a look at eBlaster, or our number one pick, WebWatcher.

Finally SpyAgent lacks some other computer monitoring tools that we think are important, including a focus on social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, and rudimentary content filtering compared to the best employee monitoring software.

These mean that while we do like the direction SpyAgent is going, we can't quite rate it in the top three just yet.

$69.95  (Regular price: $89.95)
Save $20.00 on SpyAgent (Nearly 22% Off)

eBlaster Computer Monitoring Software
  (Regular price: $169.95 )
eBlaster, by Spector Soft, is one of the top tier computer monitoring programs on the market today for employers, business owners, and managers who want to minimize inappropriate online behavior at work.

Whether it's the waste of billable hours surfing the net, downloading unacceptable materials on-the-job, or even worse, the theft of sensitive company materials, eBlaster has a powerful selection of tools designed with the workplace in mind.

As with the other Spector product, Spector Pro, among our favorites features in eBlaster is its invisible keylogger, which can capture every keystroke recorded on the PC being monitored. This includes offline applications - for example a document typed into Word, printed out, and then deleted would still be available in the keylogger data.

We also applaud eBlaster's sophisticated website monitoring, which includes the ability to track a search history, and to monitor access to social media sites like Myspace and Facebook. It's just too easy for employees to waste time on sites like these.

Finally, their remote monitoring function is one of our "must-have" features. With remote monitoring employers and managers can still check in on employee computer use when they can't get into the office, or happen to be away from the workplace. Remote monitoring makes computer monitoring truly effective, no matter where you happen to be.

Of course, few programs today have everything, and we found that eBlaster is lacking a few computer monitoring features that could be important to potential buyers.

The two most important of which are remote monitoring and screenshots, both of which eBlaster only has in very limited capacity compared to WebWatcher.

We also felt that a program as sophisticated as eBlaster ought to offer computer usage limits. This would allow employers to set up access times where the Internet - or computer access itself - either would or wouldn't be available.

And then there's eBlaster's more limited approach to content filtering and website blocking. Don't get us wrong - website blocking is easy to do with eBlaster. Once you've found out about inappropriate access or materials, they can be easily blocked.

However, eBlaster doesn't offer proactive blocking before the fact. For the most part, you'll need to block materials or information after it's already been accessed.

The real challenge though because the reports are all delivered via email is that eBlaster really isn't well-suited to use beyond a couple of employees.

With even a handful of employees, the emails can mount up in a hurry

(Spector's other product Spector CNE or WebWatcher's InterGuard are both better suited.)

Many employers don't mind taking the time to block materials that have appeared in their workplace, but those who want to prevent it in the first place might want to take a look at our number pick, WebWatcher.

$99.95  (Regular price: $169.95)
Save $70.00 on eBlaster (Nearly 41% Off)

Spector Pro Computer Monitoring Software
  (Regular price: $169.95 )
We ranked Spector Pro a little lower than it could have done in our selection of today's best employee monitoring software.

Spector Pro features truly sophisticated monitoring tools, and offers employers the ability to record Instant Messages and emails, track websites visited, capture real-time screenshots, and much, much more.

Most people agree that employers today have legitimate reasons to monitor their employees' computer use. This is the case even as, now and again, workers may take a few minutes during business hours to tend to personal business.

Employers and managers concerns include the access of inappropriate materials that others might find offensive, and of course, the potential theft of sensitive or confidential corporate materials.

Put simply, Spector Pro offers top quality solutions for the problems faced by business owners today.

We were very pleased with the performance of the invisible keylogger component, which captures data typed online or offline - including documents that may be typed, printed, and deleted as a means of obscuring the intent of an unethical employee.

A keylogger can be one of the most important tools to find out what an employee is up to, and Spector Pro's keylogger really was superb.

Next on the list of things we were impressed by in Spector Pro was the screenshot tool.

Combined with overall invisibility, which means that all employee monitoring is discreet, the screenshots make checking on employee Internet use take different meaning: we could see what was happening as if we were there.

Unfortunately, we did find that Spector Pro doesn't offer content filtering or pre-defined lists for website blocking. This means that website blocking in offices where this is a concern is much time consuming than it needs to be.

However, for employers who don't mind this extra step, Spector Pro is a great program that offers excellent computer monitoring software solutions.

Lastly, practically speaking, Spector Pro is best suited to small organizations since it doesn't have the flexibility. (Spector does offer a better solution, Spector CNE, which is better suited for large organizations.)

$99.95  (Regular price: $169.95)
Save $70.00 on Spector Pro (Nearly 41% Off)

CyberPatrol Computer Monitoring Software
We think of CyberPatrol as a nice, middle-of-the-road employee monitoring program for business owners or managers who need a simple, easy-to-use, no-frills monitoring solution.

While it doesn't offer all of the features we'd like to see in a more robust program like WebWatcher, what it does have is high in quality and dependable.

We like that CyberPatrol does such a good job of website blocking and Instant Message/chat recording, and it includes solid usage limits to minimize wasted working hours. These features are the foundation of any PC monitoring program, and CyberPatrol handles these tasks easily.

It also has excellent pre-defined lists for website blocking, something most other competitors lack plus one of the best chat monitoring tools, which also has capacity to block chat content, a feature most competitors lack altogether.

CyberPatrol is also very customizable, which allows employers and managers to set the monitoring features to different levels depending on the employee in question.

This is a great feature because, while employers are expected to keep an eye on their employees, it isn't smart of even possible to spend all of your time monitoring your workers, even when one or more of them happen to be more questionable than the others.

Unfortunately, CyberPatrol doesn't offer more advanced computer monitoring tools like remote monitoring, screenshots, or true stealth. These features are considered key to larger scale computer monitoring by many employers.

On the other hand, the price for CyberPatrol is very reasonable and though it is limited, small business owners might find that the lack of sophisticated features in CyberPatrol's computer monitoring software is offset by the cost.


IAmBigBrother Parental Controls
While IAmBigBrother is more obviously designed as a parental control program to monitor kids' online use, its low price might entice small business owners to look at it as a potential substitute for employee monitoring software.

And IAmBigBrother does offer a couple of features that might appeal to business owners or managers.

It offers basic website monitoring, Instant Message recording, and includes a function to keep copies of all emails and attachments.

IAmBigBrother even features an invisible keylogger, which many employers have found to be very useful in terms of monitoring online behavior and minimizing the potential for corporate theft.

However, IAmBigBrother's lack of more sophisticated features of content filtering means that employers wouldn't be able to do much to control on-the-job Internet use until after an indiscretion has occurred.

This is because IAmBigBrother is focused more on monitoring, and less on blocking or controlling Internet access.

There isn't any website blocking function at all, nor does it offer the ability to block inappropriate Instant Messages.

And the data gathered by IAmBigBrother's keylogger and screenshots isn't organized in a manner that's easy to understand, leaving employers to slog through hours of potentially useless information looking for one useful tidbit.

Finally, while IAmBigBrother does offer remote monitoring, which we consider a "must-have" feature for most employers looking for employee monitoring software, it's only available on a month by month basis at a fee of $9.99.

This means that a year of remote monitoring, plus the software itself, could actually cost roughly $150 dollars.

This more expensive type of remote monitoring, in conjunction with a lack of sophisticated features or content filtering, leads us to suggest other programs like eBlaster or WebWatcher for business owners interested in employee monitoring software.


Net Nanny Parental Controls
While NetNanny has been designed mainly as a parental control software suite, its low price and well-known branding have made it an option for employee monitoring as well.

We like that NetNanny offers website monitoring and blocking, that it records both sides of all Instant Messages, and that it offers a specific focus on social media sites like Myspace and Facebook.

As many an employer can attest, adults spend plenty of time on social media sites, and along with other inappropriate activities like gambling, shopping, downloading inappropriate materials, and even job hunting, there's a lot of behavior that NetNanny could help control on-the-job.

But we have to say that NetNanny's lack of a software keylogger will hamper significantly its use in the workplace. Without the keylogger employers won't have the ability to record keystrokes or to capture offline documents that could reveal major infractions like the theft of sensitive company materials.

And other missing features, like real-time screenshots or email recording, mean that too much information could slip past an employer, leaving them vulnerable to dangerous online behavior at work, and ultimately, even legal ramifications.

For employers who only want minimal employee monitoring NetNanny's lower price might be tempting. However, for those who want more sophisticated computer monitoring software in the workplace, we suggest any of our best employee monitoring software choices.


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