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Reasons To Consider Computer Monitoring Software

If you're wondering whether or not you need computer monitoring software, consider these three questions:
  1. Do you have children with Internet access?
  2. Do you have employees with Internet access?
  3. Do you have concerns your spouse or significant other may be cheating?
If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you're a candidate for computer monitoring software.

Parental Control Software

Believe it or not, not all parents understand the risks posed to their kids and their families by the Internet.

Making it safe for kids isn't impossible though with good parental control software. In fact, parental controls are the key to a safe online experience.

Sites commonly monitored / blocked by parents & employers:

  • pornography
  • gambling
  • dating
  • sports
  • shopping
  • drugs/narcotics
  • job hunting/resume
  • personal email (Hotmail, GMail, YMail, etc.)
  • social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace)
  • Despite the news offering up new stories about all sorts of threats to kids online, parental control software can provide an easy way to get it all under control.

    Parental controls give parents a way to keep online predators, bullies, Internet violence, and pornography at bay from their kids.

    For parents the best computer monitoring software can block inappropriate websites, limit time use of the computer, and record everything from searches and web pages visited to Instant Messages and email.

    The best programs feature high-tech stealth modes to make detecting them nearly impossible and even provide screenshots that show parents everything their child has seen online and offline.

    Employee Monitoring Software

    And many employers are also aware of how useful computer monitoring can be. With high-speed Internet access available at just about every workstation, managers and business owners lose countless billable hours to employees who spend their time sending personal emails, shopping, gambling, and worse.

    Smart business owners today can rely on computer monitoring software to prevent lost productivity, stop the downloading of inappropriate materials, and even minimize the theft of sensitive corporate materials.

    Catch a Cheating Spouse

    But what about those who suspect a cheating spouse? With an estimated 20% of spouses today admitting to having had an affair, it's not impossible that suspicious behavior could warrant some investigating.

    Does your spouse seem to spend long hours online?

    Does your significant other keep their computer closed around you?

    Today's best computer monitoring software allows spouses and others concerned about a straying loved one to monitor their partner through computer monitoring programs that record everything, including:
    • emails (even webmail)
    • chat / IM conversations
    • search engine history
    • websites visited
    • documents
    Why should suspicions threaten your happiness, and your relationship or marriage? Learn the truth and put those concerns to rest.

    What to Look for in the Best Computer Monitoring Software

    Of course not all Internet monitoring software programs will offer each of the features mentioned.

    The best computer monitoring programs will combine stealth, screenshots, keyloggers, email recording, chat / IM recording, website blocking, website activity monitoring, and real-time alerts to make sure that your computer monitoring software can fulfill your needs, whatever those might be.

    Computer Monitoring Feature Purpose
    1. web site monitoring Records every website employees, kids, or another loved one visit online (even if they clean their web browser's Internet "history.")
    2. web site blocking Prevents web site access to any sites parents or companies deem inappropriate.
    3. stealth mode Makes employee monitoring / parental control / computer monitoring software harder to detect and disable.
    4. software keylogger
    1. Records everything typed — even when it hasn't been saved.
      (Ex: An MS Word document [.doc files] that someone created and printed but never saved to cover their tracks.)

    2. Captures everything being said in chat and IM conversations.

    3. Records things typed into web pages.
      (Ex: Shows an employee really was leaking confidential news to a web site; shows a kid really was playing online games.)
    5. remote monitoring Allows all recorded data to be viewed from a location other than the computer actually being monitored.

    (Watch kids, employees, and spouses as they surf the web to see what they're really up to.)
    6. central reporting Gives access to recorded data from one place without the need to visit every computer you're monitoring.

    (Watch your child's online activities without having to repeatedly go in their room or keep an eye on your employees from your desk--not theirs.)
    7. real-time alerts Warns about hazardous or urgent situations as they arise--not later.
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