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Concerned about a Cheating Spouse or Partner?

It's a sad fact that today as many as 20% of married people admit to having had at least one affair. 

And, through the Internet, it's even easier to be unfaithful, which is why so many concerned spouses--both husbands and wives--and significant others turn to computer monitoring software and Internet monitoring software. 

With the growing popularity of websites designed for cheating men and women, various chat rooms for meeting romantic partners, dating sites for finding a new boyfriend or girlfriend and more, there are many different options for the cheating spouse. 

And that's not including the use of the Internet to communicate with someone met in the "real" world. 

Often a cheating spouse or partner will send incriminating Instant Messages (IMs / chats) and emails to the man or woman they're having the affair with. 

So how can a concerned person catch a cheating spouse? 

Internet Monitoring software

With top quality Internet monitoring software anyone can bypass expensive private investigators and get concrete proof detailing their concerns. 

However, users should ensure that they purchase a program with the right features to ensure accuracy and to provide the proof they need to lay their fears to rest once and for all. 

Computer Monitoring Software Feature Purpose
1. web site monitoring Records all web sites your husband, wife, or significant other visit, even if they're deleting their Internet "history".
2. web site blocking Prevents web site access to sites you don't want your spouse to see.
3. stealth mode Makes it tougher for the loved one your suspect of cheating to detect and disable your monitoring software.
4. chat / IM recorder Shows who they're talking to and what's being said by both sides of the conversation.
5. screenshots See exactly what they were doing and what they saw online. (It's a little like looking over their shoulder.)
6. software keylogger
  1. Records everything they type--even if they don't save it. 
    (Ex: A love letter written in MS Word, printed, and delivered to them but never saved.)

  2. Captures both sides of every conversation in an IM/chat.

  3. Captures passwords to places like Hotmail, GMail, and other places they don't want you to see.
7. remote monitoring Allows you to see everything your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend is up to without having to do so from the computer you're monitoring.
8. real-time alerts Shows potentially hazardous things your spouse may be doing as they happen rather than days later.

While Internet access has indeed made it easier to cheat on a spouse or partner, top quality Internet monitoring software evens the playing field by making it easier to catch a cheating spouse, or at least to provide some much needed peace of mind. 
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